inshore infrastructures inspection

Underwater inshore infrastructures inspections

Underwater  inshore infrastructures inspections are a complex, dangerous and high-stakes process. With Seasam Underwater Drone™, Notilo Plus came up with an innovative and efficient solution to tackle these challenges.

Our underwater drone provides a simple, cost efficient and reliable answer to your underwater operations, Seasam assists you and your customers in monitoring, maintaining and overseeing underwater maintenance, building or repair works.


A compact underwater infrastructure inspection solution…

The Seasam water drone is light underwater inspection solution (9kg without accessories) and can be operated by one person. It can be switched to its ROV or wireless modes simply by plugging or unplugging its dedicated cable. Seasam is powered by an upgradeable battery with a base 1h30 operational life, that can easily be extended by switching the rechargeable battery.


… and smart solution

Equipped with state-of-the-art image recognition algorithms that are developed in house, Seasam can perform thorough underwater inspections. Is able to detect and avoid obstacles automatically. It can also track abnormal behaviour and warn nearby divers. Moreover, its data-analysis platform enhances your operating processes, by allowing storage and later review of your underwater missions. Seasam is a cost-effective solution that requires no previous training and saves precious operational time with its ease of use and quick deployment time.

Seasam has proven to be the perfect solution when it comes to:

Routine Underwater Inspection

Enhance the precision and the safety of your routine underwater inspections with a hybrid solution that can be used as a compact autonomous ROV or wireless drone

Inspection in remote or confined spaces

Seasam Autonomous Drone™ is compact and agile. Its 7 engine allows precise controlling of its trajectory while its size gives it the opportunity to fit in relatively small and confined spaces.

Underwater inspection of structures

Thanks to its many automated scenarios, the Seasam underwater drone can be programmed to perform underwater inspections of structures accurately and automatically.

Safety and process overview

Using Supervised mode will provide you with direct video feedback of the current dive. This is a unique opportunity to improve the safety of your underwater inspections