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All your ship hull reports in one place.

When a hull survey needs to be done, location, people and equipment are usually out of the decisional equation.
Delair Cloud centralizes your hull reports information on one single platform, regardless of whether the inspection is done by your team, consultants or a service provider on the other side of the planet.

All reports in one place

Worldwide reports aggregation

Hull performance tracking

They trust us for global ship hull reporting.

Our global network, your ship hull reports.

Over the years, we have built our global network of service providers and ship owners that trust and use our solution.
And today, this network is available for you to use – and join – for free. Anywhere in the world.

Visual inspection data is big data.

When using professional divers or ROV inspection service providers, resulting ship hull reports often are static documents, diverging in formats and methodology.

Our platform allows you to enrich, standardise and streamline your hull reports across your fleet regardless of their sources

Hull reports you can


Delair Cloud provides a repeatable, consistent and accurate view of the hull’s state using computer vision algorithms.

AI-powered Biofouling


Using state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms, our Delair Cloud platform measures and scores the level of fouling on any ship hull with more than 90% accuracy.

AI-powered Coating defects


Our built-in painting defects algorithm detects the number of defects on your hulls. Combined with underwater location technology, Delair Cloud pinpoints every single defect with great accuracy.

Prepare for green shipping regulations.

With CII and EEXI enforcement around the corner, there is no doubt that scrutiny will increase over excess fuel consumption and GHG emissions. We help you track the reports created for various regulations, class inspections, or to enter specific ports subject to invasive species regulations.

Digital workflows

Easy sharing & collaboration

Transparent assessments

The details you need, when you need them.

Sometimes, you need to take quick actions, but still get a full report at a later time. With Delair Cloud, get quick yet representative insights into a ship hull status to make a cleaning decision with our system. Check the fully detailed report on the cloud for further analysis, with smart data filters, automatic detection of niche areas by AI and more.

Clean your hull exactly when and where you need it.


Hull biofouling is responsible for a 20% fuel overconsumption worldwide.
Yet, hull cleaning time optimization is a complex matter, given the impact it has on coating efficiency, and the difficulty of  measuring the state of the hull from thruster performance data alone.
Here’s how our solution helps you keep track of cleaning schedules for your fleet.

Fuel and GHG penalty assessment

By providing independent & verifiable means of biofouling measurement, Delair Cloud gives a clear view of  potential penalties incurred by ships. This enables better preservation of bottom lines and supports the industry in its decarbonation effort.

Worldwide fleet tracking & cleaning optimization

With Delair Cloud, you can closely monitor the evolution of your fleet hulls worldwide. Better anticipate your cleaning needs based on jurisdiction, technology requirement and availability. Notilo Portal helps you connect with cleaning service providers worldwide.

Cleaning consulting

Hull cleaning can be taxing on the coating, and not every method is appropriate – depending on the biofouling species and growth stages. Our reports give you precise information about the parts of your vessel that need cleaning. With this information, you are able to pick the right cleaning service providers.

Get hull inspection reports that are trully digital and trackable.

Workflows are going full digital so why should hull surveys remain single-use documents with mismatching formats?

Feed Delair Cloud’s specialist insights to your vessel performance systems. Our dashboards integrate seamlessly with leading systems through APIs.

24/7 cloud-based

Multi-site, multi-vessel, multi-provider workflow management with IT rights management.


Our AI classifiers deliver impeccable 90% replicability of results over the same dataset.

Customization via
open architecture

Craft the platform you need, from logo personalization to complete white-labelling.

100% secure
data storage

We take care of availability and security through our collaboration with the most reputable cloud infrastructure providers.

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