Because each and every underwater operation is different, we develop and industrialize tailor-made solutions to meet your needs. From ROV inspection to custom projects.

Let’s have a chat about your project. Tell us your main objective and its expected end goal, our team will work on a custom-made solution for you.

Underwater assets management by ROV inspection

We believe that offering AI-managed inspections will change underwater asset management for the best.

By getting in-depth knowledge of your underwater assets, you will be able to optimize your maintenance costs, save ressources and improve your environmental protection.

Thanks to in-house hardware and software development, our smart underwater drone Seasam can perform autonomous inspection scenarios, follow pre-determined paths, and recognize points of interest. It is also virtually compatible with any data collector and sensors thanks to the Seasam Sensor Hub.

By harnessing the potential of neural networks in our cloud-based data management system, Delair Cloud, any data is automatically sorted in relevant dashboards for all your stakeholders.

rov inspection - underwater drone

Artificial Intelligence and algorithms

Our engineers can develop the right algorithms to crunch your data for a more efficient & comprehensive analysis.

AI-powered algorithms can enrich your data, to highlight the elements that fit your line of work – for instance, automatic biofouling detection on ship hulls.

With our maintenance algorithm, leveraging automatic underwater inspection with Seasam is truly easy.

Combined with environmental data (weather conditions, geolocation…), you are able to preemptively perform maintenance work.

3D Modelling


Using advanced image processing software, our team can recreate underwater environments into a complete workspace for more actionable analysis and decision-making.

ux design for rov inspection

User experience design, workshop & ideation


Let our industry specialists, UX/UI developers, designers, ergonomists and project managers drive a user-centric and value-based rethinking of your underwater activities. We use the latest open-innovation methods to work alongside your team to investigate the goals of your organisation and develop the right underwater data solution that fits your process.



If you have a specific autonomous underwater mission in mind with Seasam drone, our robotic team can design a custom-tailored behavioural scenario leveraging Artifical Intelligence to fulfill your objectives to save time and resources in the mid to long term.
We also provide SDKs for your team to work on its own scenario designs, and material or software integration.

robotics for rov inspection



  • We define and qualify your needs and objectives (day-long ROV inspection, tetherless scenarios, etc.).
  • We start a creative research phase to explore the various possible options, and keep you up-to-date with our findings.
  • Afterwards, a feasibility study is done to establish the functional characteristics, as well as the ressources required to reach the solution proposed.
  • Once the proposal is agreed upon, development starts.
  • Regular meetings are made between our teams to ensure that the project fits your needs.

Let’s have a chat about your needs.