Observation class rov for offshore structures

Underwater operations on offshore structure are complex, often dangerous and always with high stakes. The waters are never forgiving and working in the ocean requires a tool that can withstand rough conditions and provide efficient solutions quickly. After years of research and exchange with major actors of the offshore world, Delair Marine designed an innovative Observation class ROV capable of undertaking the challenges encountered in this sector.



Seasam Autonomous Drone™ is a compact and versatile solution, perfectly suited for underwater works on offshore structures. Robust and agile, our underwater drone is able to operate smoothly in challenging conditions on large-scale operations.


A compact observation class rov

The Seasam water drone is light (9kg without accessories) and can be operated by one person. It is the first hybrid solution that can be switched to its ROV or wireless modes simply by plugging or unplugging its dedicated cable. Seasam is powered by an upgradeable battery with a base 1h30 operational life, that can easily be extended by switching the rechargeable battery.

To perform efficient underwater inspection while avoiding any impact on underwater structures, Seasam observation class rov require an extremely stable system. Our solution comes with a precise AI powered assisted navigation. Seasam Control™ assists you in precise maneuvers leveraging AI algorithms: visual or acoustic obstacle detection, servoing, autonomous inspection, underwater routine inspections


… and adaptable solution

Conscious of the various specific challenges each sector of the offshore industry are facing, we also designed our Seasam ecosystem so it would adapt to your need. Thanks to the Seasam Sensor Hub™, our observation class rov can be completed by a large range of external compatible sensors that will allow you to harvest the information you need.

Moreover, Delair Cloud™, our data-analysis platform, enhances your operating processes, by allowing storage and later review of your underwater missions. Seasam is a cost effective solution that requires no previous training and saves precious operational time with its ease of use and quick deployment time.


Seasam has proven to be the perfect solution when it comes to:

underwater routine inspections

Enhance the precision and the safety of your routine inspections with a hybrid solution that you can use both as a compact Observation class ROV or as a wireless drone.

Inspection in remote or confined spaces

The Seasam water drone is compact and agile. Its 7 engines ensure precise control of its trajectory while its size allows it to reach relatively narrow and confined spaces.

Observation class ROV ROV for structural inspection

Thanks to its many automated scenarios, the Observation class Rov offshore Seasam can be programmed to perform precise and automatic inspections of your underwater structures.

Condition monitoring

Follow and analyze how equipment stands offshore harsh conditions. With Delair Cloud™, you can record, analyze and share logs and data collected underwater.