Seasam Hullscan

The best ROV for ship hull inspection.

Simplify your surveys with your

Ship Hull inspection ROV

Seasam HullScan™ is a compact underwater system made for autonomous underwater operations in challenging conditions.

Designed with the Maritime industry. Made in France.

High speed. Precision. Reliability.

Based on the award-winning technology platform of Seasam Autonomous Drone, the new Seasam HullScan™ redefines ROV practices for ship hull inspection for operators, and empowers surveyors & maintenance professionals worldwide.

+ 300% lateral speed

for your ship hull inspections

Large scale underwater inspections, delivered faster than ever.

Our engineers have designed a new form factor for our underwater drone, allowing a 300% increase in lateral speed. Therefore, you can now face your subject and glide laterally easily in up to 2 knots current.

Deployable in minutes, from anchorage, from berth, from anywhere.

The best ROV deserves the best pilot software

Seasam Control is the powerhouse that unleashes all the potential of Seasam Drones for your underwater data collection activities.

This software allows fine tuning of your controls and performing complex tasks automatically, such as wall servoing, depth, pitch locking and more.

Never lose sight of your target with our Smart Locks™

Leveraging the power of its built-in DVL sensor, Seasam HullScan can lock its position at a very short distance of underwater assets and points of interests. This simplifies piloting, observation, and ensures the highest standard of data quality for your inspection.

Hull Freeze

Hands-free position keeping

Staying very close to the hull inspected is now performed automatically in one click. No more hassle to pilot the ROV back and forth for a decent view of the hull in low visibility water, or when currents are at play.

Hull Servoing

Autopilot for large hull surfaces

Seasam HullScan™ can perform long inspection transects autonomously. Adjust to the optimal distance to the asset/hull based on visibility, select the Hull Servoing Smart Lock, and let the drone head autonomously in the direction you want to.

It’s that simple.

Bottom Freeze


Stay in place, regardless of current

Lock Seasam HullScan™ position in reference to the sea/lake/river bottom, and let our technology do the rest.

Movement induced by water will be automatically compensated by the drone’s propeller to keep your subject in sight. Time for taking a breather.

Loved by professionals.

Notilo Plus has developed a really good ROV that my team likes a lot.

Trident Diving BV

This is the easiest-to-pilot” ROV that I have ever tried

SKUA Marine

The mission is a success and our superintendent are confident that they can perform hull inspections at anchorage in Singapore with SEASAM ROV


I have been impressed by its manoeuvrability, its movement, its ability to stop in front of obstacles.

Commandant Grenaud, ECASC

The advantage with SEASAM is that it still works just as well in algae-laden and low visibility water.

O. Charton, C-Detect

Compared to competing products, the SEASAM autonomous ROV has met our expectations.

A. Tchibinda, Vinci Construction

Quick setup

Seasam HullScan is designed to be ready to inspect anytime. Just turn it on, connect it to its tether reel, launch Seasam Control and you are ready to go.

Light training only

Thanks to Seasam Control App, piloting Seasam is a child’s play. Now, we also have onsite training with our rockstar team, video tutorials, and standard operating procedures you can rely upon to deliver professional results every time.

Consistent data

Unprecedented stability of footage, located data, customised pilot settings, smooth data transfer, … Every aspect of operating Seasam HullScan has been optimised following the feedback of thousand of hours of field testing and collaboration with maritime industry players, large and small.

Cutting-edge reports and analysis for your ship hull inspection

Turn hull inspections into smart, interactive reports in no time with Delair Cloud.

Natively integrated with the Seasam suite, upload your inspection data on the fly and generate data-packed smart reports in a few clicks automatically.
The online digital report can then be finely analysed with powerful data filters, Artificial Intelligence classifiers, and tracked over time.

What’s more? In Delair Cloud Fleet, your clients can centralise hull reporting and analysis for their global fleet, in one secure online space, accessible 24/7.