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data revolution

The essential platform for
your underwater operations.

Any data, any ROV.

Collect and analyze data
that is relevant to you

Developed in partnership with major players in the maritime sector, Delair Cloud is an digital data storage and analysis platform. It allow you to easily edit ROV report and centralize all your data.

Using neural network technology, Delair Cloud allows you to bring together any underwater data you collect, even if it comes from different sources, and aggregates it into comprehensive and understandable reports.

Your ROV report, without restrictions

By connecting all the elements collecting your underwater data, Delair Cloud is the true control center of your ecosystem and gives you a clear view of your underwater inspection at all times.

The backwards compatibility of this new platform allows you to use all the data you collect, regardless of its origin. Even if you are using third party sensors or R.O.V. from outside the Seasam ecosystem, Delair Cloud offers you the possibility to use them.

rapport rov report - notilo cloud
rapport rov report - seasam drone

Save and access your data anywhere, anytime

With online data storage, you can back up and access your data anytime, anywhere on the globe.

Compliant with the latest security standards, you protect your sensitive data and choose the data you want to share with your teams, partners and prospects.

Harness the full potential of the Seasam ecosystem

When carrying out operations with the Seasam ecosystem, all your data is automatically uploaded and classified as soon as it is acquired.

The data collected by the Seasam underwater drone and its accessories are condensed into complete & geolocated reports for each of your missions.

rapport rov report - underwater drone