Search and rescue with Seasam Water Drone

The SEASAM water drone is a comprehensive underwater data collection solution featuring a hybrid underwater ROV & AUV in a compact format, and a software based data collection suite delivering multiple benefits and new possibilities with the same equipment.



Efficient searches anytime and anywhere thanks to the Seasam underwater drone.

It’s time to increase the readiness and efficiency of your team by taking advantage of the benefits of our Water drone.

Its unmatched stability, lockable pitch angles and first-class image quality ensure you have the most efficient water drone on the market to improve your success rates in :

  • Victim & object searches at bottom
  • POI detection
  • Ship hulls and critical sites inspection (integrity, fouling, contraband,)
  • Area reconnaissance prior to diver engagement, bottom-time saving.

Computer-assisted piloting your autonomus rov simplifies your operations at every step: Seasam Control offers innovative features like compass locking, the depth lock or the wall servo that will simplify the control of our drone.

A few minutes are enough to familiarize you with the management of your Water drone. This ensures that you maximize your team’s availability and responsiveness when minutes matter.

The Seasam ecosystem records and synchronizes dive logs with contextual data, with tools to annotate and categorize IP. You can now easily analyze and share images and logs that have significant value in terms of security, assurance, and start building a knowledge base on all your sub-activitiesmarine and generate digital mission ROV reports first.

Supervise and secure divers with Seasam Water Drone


The Seasam™ water Drone takes your diving practice further into the digital age. Seasam provides invaluable information on the performance, skills and safety of divers during training and operations:

  • Enhance diver safety through live supervision.
  • Analyse diving techniques and respect of protocols.
  • Provide multimedia feedback to prepare operations more efficiently.
  • Flag moments of interest in app and find them easily post mission.
  • Annotate videos and images for reporting & evaluation.

This new way of preparing for and performing underwater works for professionals is enabled by top notch features, built and refined in France after numerous tests in real operating conditions:


Patented acoustic technology and powerful A.I. delivering autonomous diver tracking and recording, with preset filming “scenarios”.

100 meters depth rating

Full 1080p HD videos in low light

Live supervision from surface and online streaming

Dive log synchronisation with videos & screenshots

Secured online cloud storage on Delair Cloud.


Equipped with state-of-the-art image recognition algorithms and powerful in-house processing, the Seasam™ water drone is poised to change the future of underwater inspection.

Combining location data with waypoint navigation and intelligent programming, your aquatic drone can be designed to perform autonomous navigation around specific assets or areas.

Using the Seasam Navigator buoy with the Seasam Water Drone, you are able to expand your operation with new features: long range wireless drone control, geolocation of buoys and drones, area coverage on mapping, geolocation of POIs, navigation by waypoints, etc.



A Swiss Army knife for the underwater world, the Seasam ecosystem can easily be configured to match the requirements of many subaquatic missions. Thanks to our Seasam Sensor Hub™, plug any 3rd party tooling such as a sonar, a gripper, a probe, … and leverage the right data to fulfill your mission. Our catalog is growing every day.


  • Rescue organisations
  • Maritime & Coastal police
  • Homeland security & forensics
  • Coast guards
  • Fleet & safety
  • Special Forces
  • Defense & Rescue diving institution



Thibaut Humbert
Business Development Manager, Search & Safety