SEASAM Navigator by Delair Marine


One of the biggest challenges of ROV operators is to navigate and orient themselves underwater to inspect their assets. The natural barrier between air and water prevents most means of standard communication, such as Wi-Fi or cellular networks, to be used with underwater assets.

Seasam Navigator is the underwater geolocation answer to this challenge.

Long range transmission

Underwater geolocation

Standalone USV

Waypoint navigation

Geolocate your underwater observations easily

Seasam Navigator: a GPS for your Seasam Underwater drone


Long-range ROV

Seasam Navigator embarks a long-range WiFi transmitter, and enables a low-latency, remote control of the Seasam ROV. Wireless means there is no tethered connection between operator and ROV, which reduces risk of entanglements, and extends the reach of inspections.

This simplifies navigation in complex environments such as marinas and crowded docking ports, as well as full ship hull inspections without adding the stress of cable management.

rov gps sous-marin Navigator

Underwater GPS geolocation
for Seasam ROV

rov gps sous-marin Navigator

Geolocation of data is a must have for modern data capture and analysis. With Seasam Navigator, you are able to precisely locate the position of the data you capture.

View Seasam Navigator and Seasam Drone position in the real-time on the map in Seasam Control application. Place geolocated markers at the touch of a button before and during the inspection, and review this data anytime.

An agile geolocated surface buoy for multiple missions

Seasam Navigator doubles as a standalone Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV).

Powered by three thrusters, Seasam Navigator can be piloted independently, maintain its position autonomously, and perform waypoint navigation in a specified operational area.

Many types of missions can be conducted with the addition of third-party sensors, thanks to Seasam 2kg payload capacity.

rov gps sous-marin Navigator

Waypoint navigation

rov gps sous-marin Navigator

In USV mode, Navigator can be programmed to follow a pre-programmed navigation path.
Multiple waypoints can be set in order to inspect an area for points of interests, safe zones or dangerous areas.
Any waypoint operation can be uploaded to Notilo Cloud for easy post-inspection analysis.

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