Delair Marine has set itself the mission of actively contributing to the sustainable development of ocean-related economies and to the preservation of underwater ecosystems . This mission is inseparable from the DNA of our company, and today is what unites and motivates our teams in their work.

Concrete & impactful actions

Setting a course is important, but it is also essential to punctuate this vision with concrete actions in order to participate now in the protection of oceans and rivers, but also to embody this DNA Delair Marine.

This is why we have already worked with local organizations such as Nettoyons Lyon and Un Océan de vie to help clean up rivers and coasts, but also and above all to raise awareness of pollution among the general public. in an aquatic environment. Indeed, pedagogy is something that is particularly close to our hearts, which led us to participate in another very different project: a popular science series on YouTube (“Les Mondes du Dessous” by Balade Mentale).

At the same time, Delair Marine is keen to contribute in its own way to advancing scientific knowledge in general, in different ways. This is reflected in projects such as the writing of a thesis with COSMER to improve the safety of divers, the exploration of the submerged part of the Hawara pyramid (Egypt), as well as the support given to Energy projects. Observe and Blue Odyssey by Platypus Craft.

Safeguarding aquatic environments

The first mission of Delair Marine is to contribute to the knowledge and the safeguard of the ocean. We are convinced that to preserve this fragile environment, it is necessary to immerse yourself in it, to gather knowledge about it, to become attached to it and to understand his importance.

This desire is reflected at Delair Marine through the various local actions that we have put in place. By democratizing the vision that our drones bring us up from the depths, we want the general public to join us in our odyssey.

To achieve this goal, we are moving towards the creation of an open source database for NGOs and scientists using data collected during our operations. The constitution of this base calls on the technical know-how which we have developed by working with the industry and the diving experts within the framework of our activity.

It will focus both on the life of this ecosystem, but also on the pollution that impacts it. With this database, we aim to both raise public awareness and provide science with the best possible tools for the advancement of our knowledge as well as to work for the preservation of underwater ecosystems. This project is being carried out in accordance with our motto: “Underwater data. Made easy ”.


A sustainable ocean economy

Underwater inspection (2)

At Delair Marine, we are convinced that saving the environment also and above all means developing the industry through technology. We are aware that this necessarily has an impact on the environment, but Delair Marine intends to develop solutions for which the balance is clearly in its favor.

With this in mind, and with the confidence of the European Commission, which supports us within the framework of the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund, we have decided to develop solutions to digitize the key sectors which are:

  • Maritime transport with a simple and inexpensive solution for hull inspection. By promoting predictive maintenance on the “fouling” of the hulls, it is biocontamination and excess fuel consumption that can be reduced;
  • Aquaculture, with solutions to reduce costs and potential incidents, and optimize food production with less impact on the environment in a situation of demographic crisis;
  • Renewable maritime energies by contributing here also to a reduction in costs and a systematization of predictive maintenance in order to contribute to the competitiveness of these new modes of energy production.

CSR state of affairs – May 2021

Eco-design and traceability

  • Supplier ethics charter (58% signed today)
  • Production in France
  • 80% of the supply value that comes from French suppliers


  • Policy to reduce non-essential journeys: monthly expenditure review
  • Energy consumption of the premises: analysis carried out and regular communications to employees
  • Servers located in France

Environmental impact

  • Limitation of the contribution to global warming of maritime industries
  • Scientific partnerships
  • Local initiatives: Clean up Lyon, Clean Calanques, Clean Old Port, an Ocean of Life
  • Free provision of material to NGOs and scientists

Societal impact

  • Exploring the Hawara Pyramid
  • Rising Sud podcast on the BlueEconomy
  • Popular science series “Les Mondes du Dessous” with the YouTube channel Balade Mentale