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The year 2021, still punctuated by teleworking and the waves of COVID-19, has not hindered Notilo Plus in surpassing its technological progress.

Always concerned about the environment, we have gone to great lengths to develop solutions to the problems of trades in the maritime sector, in the service of the ocean. This year has been full of opportunities for our teams. We were able to set up many live demonstrations, underwater inspection,  we developed and launched the ExploCam camera, we made locating data on a ship hull really easy and of course, we officially launched the Seasam Navigator relay buoy as well as our platform dedicated to underwater data Notilo Cloud! Now, let’s dive into the past to rediscover it all…


The last few years have changed the way we approach the professional world. With the rise of teleworking, our team has created a way for you to witness real-time product demonstrations and even see underwater through our product, from the comfort of your office, for example a ship hull inspection!

Here is the last one, which took place from the port of Marseille:

Thanks to live streaming, it is also possible to ask questions and give instructions to our pilots live. In 2022, our team will invite new ones to webinars and demos around a variety of topics, such as inspection of hard-to-reach areas using ExploCam, automatic location of underwater data, rate analysis of bio-fouling of a ship hull and many other topics! Check out the list of upcoming webinars and register to participate here:


The inspection of so-called “niche” areas of parts of a ship’s hull that are difficult to access by a diver or a standard ROV is now a challenge for many ship owners and inspection companies. This is why our team investigated the integration of a plug’n’play camera into the Seasam drone. Thanks to the drone’s agility and the smoothness of this new camera, it is much easier to inspect hard-to-reach areas – such as Sea Chests, for example.



Would you like to mark the GPS position of your underwater observations and find them easily later? Is your cable often too short for the entire maneuver? Do you want to increase the inspection radius of your ROV from a dock, without requiring a boat to go further? This mobile buoy, orange for good visibility, was designed to solve your problems and has three main objectives:

  • Real-time geolocation of the Seasam Drone
  • Long range WiFi relay
  • Motorized surface buoy (independent of the Seasam drone).

If this buoy intrigues you, do not hesitate to visit its dedicated page to find out more by clicking here!


How to do a retrospective on 2021 without talking about Notilo Cloud?

Our platform dedicated to underwater data has greatly evolved so that it is tailored to business needs as much as possible.

The ergonomic changes made, the simplification of data reporting, and the possibility of using videos from sources other than Seasam, make our tool easy to use and provide our customers with a platform that generates added value for operations. , with significant customization flexibility.

Once again this year, our roadmap is full and you can count on us to continue to respond to business issues by advancing our products. Do not hesitate to consult us today for solutions to your underwater challenges!

The whole Notilo Plus team wishes you a Happy New Year!