Seasam Control is the powerhouse  that unleashes all the potential of Seasam Underwater Drone for your collection of underwater data.

Piloting a ROV

has never been this easy.

A few minutes is all you need to get a hang of it. Smooth and intuitive controls make piloting Seasam a breeze, even without training.

What’s better than easy?


Relax as you see Seasam keep position and execute ROV inspections with efficiency and precision. Thanks to its numerous autonomous commands that further simplify piloting, surveying has become easier than ever.

In addition, more features are released with each update of our exclusive ROV piloting software – for free.

Wall servoing

Lateral movement

Depth / Heading / Pitch locks

Go beyond screenshots.
Flag your points of interests.

Our flagging feature allows you to capture any data associated to a picture when it is taken: depth, orientation, pitch, heading, location… You name it.

In addition, you can start sequences. These are short clips that you can record anytime to highlight and name a key point of interest.

Once uploaded on Notilo Cloud, our online data analysis platform, flags and sequences are accessible in one click.

Seasam Control Software - Flagging

Navigate better
and locate your data.

The ROV piloting software Seasam Control comes with a multi-display compass and 3 different speed settings. It is easier than ever to navigate underwater, whether you need to cover large areas, or focus on small details.

Our dedicated ship inspection widget allows you to tag data to a specific zone of the hull.

And with the help of Seasam Navigator, you can locate your Seasam Drone with accuracy for geolocated observations.

Your needs,
your interface.



No clutter & no unnecessary information on your screen:

Select only the tools and widgets you need. Customize your pilot interface and the way your inspect.

Take control of your Seasam Control software and adapt it to your line of work, and not the other way around.