Delair Marine (ex-Notilo Plus) makes underwater data collection and processing easy for the benefit of the knowledge and protection of assets and people. Using state-of-the-art technology in marine robotics collection and AI-powered analysis, we serve various organisations with reliable and agile solutions.

Underwater Data. Made Easy.
That’s the Delair Marine promise. Our team has continuously proven its agility and innovativeness, and keeps looking forward.

In 2016, Notilo Plus launched the first autonomous drone iBubble on the leisure market, and its capacities quickly piqued the interest of major actors of the industry. 

In 2019: the professional drone Seasam was launched on the market to answer to industrial applications needs.

Now serving high value-added in field ranging from routine structural inspections, to marine science, to public safety through defence and rescue organisations.

In December 2022, Notilo Plus was acquired by Delair, a european leader of unmanned observation solutions for security and industry.

To limit our impact on the environment and to ensure a tighter quality cotnrol, each and every product we build is made in France and locally sourced.

underwater data collect by rov inspection

Improving knowledge and protection of the ocean through state-of-the-art underwater technologies.