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SeaBreath is a Japan-based group of specialists who make comprehensive proposals for oceanic observations, surveys and studies – from planning to training, installation and maintenance. They aim to provide the best solution to meet their customer’s needs, such as selecting the best instrument for the mission or custom submarine systems.
A few words from the SeaBreath team about Seasam:

We will use Seasam as a reconnaissance tool before the the various studies we expect to conduct with our partners.

For instance, an university professor will use Seasam to monitor the environment when doing training dives with students. They also plan to teach the workings of underwater drones and AI technology through demonstrations in water tanks and other underwater environments.

The Notilo Plus team is very excited to see Seasam used in an academic environment, and we are curious to see what the students will learn with our technology! Using Seasam as an educational and training tool is something that we also wanted to see, and SeaBreath made that possible – thank you!

Learn more about SeaBreath on their website:

The SeaBreath team.


Zoomare is a young company, passionate about marine aquaculture. Their goal is to provide the correct solutions to other companies operating on this market, as well as companies working in the aquatic Leisure market.
A few words from Leonardo Mantilla, CEO of Zoomare, about Seasam:

“Our company has two lines of work. The first one is to be a consultant for marine environmental businesses and companies in the aquaculture sector. The second one is the sale and rental of Seasam drones throughout Spain.

When we brought up the Seasam drones to some of our clients, they were interested in it to carry out several scientific underwater studies. Of course, we will have to wait until the current COVID-19 situation has passed in order to formalize these projects!”

Here at Notilo Plus, we are closely following the uses of Seasam in scientific experiments for the aquaculture sector. Gathering valuable knowledge about the marine flora and fauna is something that’s close to our hearts!

Learn more about Zoomare on their website (in spanish):

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