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Friday, May 8th, marked the departure for the Energy Observer team on a new expedition – in complete autonomy!

The Energy Observer Odyssey to imagine the world of tomorrow. Earlier this month, The Energy Observer team started a two-month trip aboard their catamaran, with complete energy and food autonomy across the Caribbean and French Guiana.

Their goal? 

Getting closer to nature in order to show that it can be a source of innovations and exceptional solutions to accelerate the energy transition, and build the world of tomorrow. The crew is made up of Victorien Erussard, captain and founder, Jérôme Delafosse, expedition leader as well as a part of the Energy Observer team (JRI, engineer and second captain).

In addition, they will be accompanied by field experts: the doctor in marine biology Katia Nicolet, the explorer Fitzgérald Jégo, the freediving reporter Francine Kreiss and of course the expert in underwater data collection, Seasam!

©Energy Observer Productions – Francine Kreiss

During their trip, the crew will make a compilation of images and films that will be compiled into short movies & broadcasted on the digital platforms of Energy Observer. Each member of the expedition will tell their individual journey. Seasam will be by their side during this fantastic expedition to explore the seabed and capture their underwater adventures.

This Odyssey is a project that fits to the heart of our commitments, namely the knowledge and protection of the ocean. Having a Seasam drone on the Energy Observer team is a great honor for us!

We look forward to discovering their adventures and discoveries during these two months. Well done to them, and bon voyage!

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©Energy Observer Productions – Francine Kreiss