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Sea water is a medium where data is particularly difficult to collect, merge and analyze. There are few data transmission possibilities, and with low visibility & accuracy difficulties. As of today, stakeholders of the blue economy rely on inaccurate, human-made inspections, or very expensive solutions designed at first for the Oil & Gas industry.

Notilo Plus’ vision is to make underwater data more easily accessible & exploitable than ever before.

Nicolas Gambini, CEO of Notilo Plus

The European Union, through the EMFF call for projects, has decided to accelerate the deployment of technologies improving the productivity and sustainability of the exploitation of marine resources.

The SEASAM-AI project has been selected and will allow operators of vessels, offshore wind turbines and aquaculture farms to access a simple tool to optimize their maintenance costs. The inspection of their infrastructure can be carried out completely independently, to create interactive reports giving maintenance recommendations.

The stake is also crucial to allow an exploitation of the ocean respectful of biodiversity: reduction of invasive species, of fuel consumption, prevention of hybridizations between wild and farmed salmon, improvement of renewable electricity production time. .

The SEASAM-AI project will lead SEASAM to be a viable industrial product composed of a modular and autonomous drone, (called AUV for autonomous underwater robot or autonomous underwater vehicle in English) equipped with a powerful artificial intelligence, a platform of data analysis and professional mission control application.

The goal is to achieve TRL9 (time to market) by developing both inspection scenarios for each market, and automatic image analysis tools to alert on points requiring maintenance.

Through the SEASAM-AI project, “repeatable” underwater inspection will become widely available to blue economy actors, even for remote or small infrastructure.