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One of the first things you have to think about when capturing footage underwater is stability – especially when inspecting and searching for specific elements. 

While a trained professional diver can film a perfectly stable and precise underwater video, it usually requires special equipment and training

When our engineers first started working on Seasam, they have made sure that users would be able to fully use the drone’s built-in stability and handling thanks to its 7 propellers. And most importantly, using Seasam should not require any training to use. 

Discover the result of our work in this short video:

So, why is this so important?

Glad you asked! 

Being able to capture stabilized footage underwater effortlessly and quickly is a great way to speed up many operations that are time- and money-consuming

Moreover, the Seasam Underwater Drone is small-sized, making it excel at exploring niche areas and other difficult-to-reach locations and relaying information in realtime to the surface.

Combined with its ease of use, extensive customisation options and complete ecosystem such as Notilo Cloud and the Seasam Sensor Hub, the Seasam Underwater Drone is a great solution for quick, easy and high-quality underwater inspections.